Why we are here

Why we are here

HFFH Objectives

  1. - To provide quality care for the neglected and needy.

  2. - To provide compassionate care to those in the end- stage of their disease.

  3. - To ensure them dignity of life, quality treatment and improved health.

  4. - To help them find meaning in life and to cope with their real life situation so as to live a dignified life in the society.

  5. - To train healthcare professionals in hospital and community care management

  6. - To network with the Government and other NGOs

  7. - To help the society to develop its sense of Compassion, Care, Commitment.

  8. - Competence, Generosity and be responsible companion to sick brethren.

  9. - However, the children in the care of HFFH live their present with zest.